The primary mission of The Nurse Examiner LLC. is to increase knowledge, innovation of teaching, nurse skill and competence.  The Nurse Examiner created NurseU to provide a platform for affordable online continuing competence required for licensure in the state of Kentucky. 

One contact hour is fifty minutes of instruction. Contact hour verification can only be awarded at the completion of the program and upon verification of sign in sheets retrospectively. Participants must remain for the full program in order to receive credit. Contact hour forms/certificates are given to the participant at the end of each program. Additional copies of certificates may be obtained for an additional charge.

Participants are asked to provide an evaluation of the offering and the method of delivery. Operational guidelines and procedures ensure quality education and service to professional participants. These operational guidelines and procedures may be modified at any time and are located here.

The Nurse Examiner LLC. is a nurse owned limited liability company operating in the county of Spencer, Kentucky. The registered agent and executive officer of The Nurse Examiner LLC., Dr. Suzette Scheuermann PHD RN operates the continuing education provider-ship for the purpose of providing approved post-licensure nursing continuing education that focuses on academic content interesting and challenging to nurses and nursing faculty. The continuing education provider-ship would support the primary mission of The Nurse Examiner LLC., which is to increase knowledge, innovation of teaching, nursing examiner skill and competence. The offerings would be conducted through the website located at