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The primary mission of The Nurse Examiner LLC. is to increase knowledge, innovation of teaching, nurse skill and competence.  The Nurse Examiner created to provide a platform for affordable online continuing competence required for licensure in the state of Kentucky.  Offerings include Principles of Intravenous Therapy, Domestic Violence Awareness and other required courses.  


This is a certification course in the principles of intravenous therapy. An understanding of central concepts and methods is stressed throughout this competency based program.  Certification of participant understanding is performed throughout the program using application and analysis level examinations with a criterion of 80 to achieve certification

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This is a continuing competence course on Domestic Violence and the Healthcare Professional. An understanding of central concepts and methods is stressed throughout this competency based program. 

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Almost everyone has heard of MOOCs and online learning platforms like NurseU and Moodle.  NurseU offers individual professionals a way to create their own online courses, earn CE and make money selling their programs.  With your effort and our online strategy, we can create online courses that can be mutually beneficial to the creator and the participant. 

Online courses can be as short as 50 minutes e.g. one contact hour, or as long as an academic course of 3.0 credits.  Once the course is complete, it is launched for the public to attend. The goal of NurseU is to help nurses share their innovation and creativity in a fun way.  An additional feature is getting to learn how to create an online course. 

How long does it take to create a course?

Creating an online course can be a substantial time investment. An individual with their own course content, such as blogs and workshops they’ve already created, can sit down in one weekend and create a 2-3 hour course.

What are the technical skills required?

It depends on the detail that you would like to add to your course. Content can be audiovisuals including Power Point or Screen Captures using Camptasia.  Audio presentation and textual content are always part of the programming.  Creating an online course can be introductory or complex depending on the course developer's technical skills.  

Who should consider creating an online course?

Anyone can benefit from taking the time to create and share their ideas.

Have you created an online course? What’s worked for you? Or if you have you purchased one, what compelled you to buy?
If you would like to learn how to build an online course, create a free log in to get started. 

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    I am so excited to open access to our learning management system.  This learning management system (LMS) offers Nursing Open Online Distance Learning (NOODL) programming for nursing students and currently practicing nurses.  Our programming offers intense, interactive programs that encourage ...

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